• "I am amazed at your grasp of what’s going on and am finding the book a profoundly good read."

  • "This book is great. It's well-written, and the concepts are understandable. I'm really enjoying reading it but had to stop as I had to do life. Otherwise, I would have read it all in one go."

  • "You have called out the issues with the means to resolve them, and that’s quite something, in my opinion."

  • "This book is revolutionary and needs to be read."

  • "It brilliantly explores inflation, interest rates, the have and have-nots divide, and the reasons for it."

  • "If you're a little cagey when it comes to economics today, this is the book you need."

  • 'It's not often I read a book that inciteful. I've never thought about economics it like that."

  • "It's a hell of a read Paul, thank you !"

The Author

The Author

A retired media professional of forty years, Paul Mack worked in communications for the banking and corporate sectors in Sydney throughout the eighties. Not only was he a fly on the wall in dealing rooms, merchant banks, and global corporations, but every few weeks, he had the privilege of videoing some of the world’s foremost economists and management minds at three or four hundred dollar a seat lectures, which he was getting for free. When that experience and those lectures were added to thirty-plus years of self-employment and observation, it gave him incredible insight into humanity’s journey from the birth of neoliberalism to the digital world we live in today. Insights that gave birth to "The Big Fat Fox in The Henhouse," a fascinating macro take on post-GFC globalism and the tech and banking revolutions which created the have and have-not world we live in today.


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