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The Big Fat Fox in The Henhouse



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The Big Fat Fox says that after the GFC in 2008, the world was hit by two revolutions: the globalisation of banking and tech. Then, over the next fifteen years, those revolutions economically segregated every economy on earth, creating a global mental health crisis: sky-high house prices, rents, and a week to week, hand to mouth, no-savings existence for ninety-five percent of humanity. That ninety-five percent are the-have-nots: a new class that has replaced the middle-class everywhere courtesy of the elimination of national small business by tech, and its overnight replacement by global banks, insurers, tech companies and corporations.
    The only problem? The massive have-not majority has no spending power or savings. Economists say market-economics can solve this problem. This book says the economic segregation we see everywhere was created by market-economics, so the idea that it can fix the problem it created is as nutty as it gets.
    Not only does the BFF explain how these changes happened, it gives solutions to the identical socio-economic problems we see inside every economy on Earth. Solutions that go a long way towards fixing those problems and putting the boot back on the other foot in what is now a socio-economic standoff.

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